Meet the Pro | Andre ‘acoimbra’ Coimbra

Andre_CoimbraBackdoor Quads recently got to speak with Pokerstars Team Online member Andre ‘acoimbra’ Coimbra about everything from his fiancée to his background in Magic the Gathering.

Andre Coimbra is a 28 year old Portuguese online poker pro. With his background in the trading card game Magic the Gathering, Coimbra turned to poker full-time in 2007.

Magic the Gathering and poker

“I moved into poker because there is more money to be earned in poker than in Magic the Gathering.” He wasn’t phased by the switch to poker. His reason? “If I failed, I would have to get a job! So for that reason I was highly motivated.”

A member of Pokerstars Team Online since 2009, he says that his background in Magic the Gathering helped him deal with the variance of Hyper Turbo Sit & Go’s, his main game of choice. “Magic the Gathering is just like poker, in that there can be a lot of variance in the short term, but the best get the result in the long run […] You need to learn how to deal with short term defeat whilst staying sharp and improving”

At the end of 2008, Andre gave himself one year to try and play poker full time, and he turned professional in 2009. In December 2009, shortly after winning the Magic the Gathering World Championship, he became the first Portuguese player to achieve Supernova Elite. “The first time I achieved SNE was pretty hard. I recall playing 300 hours in a single month!” Andre has since gone on to become Supernova Elite several times over and has amassed over 5 million VPPs.

Time for a new challenge: PLO

With 2015 barely a month old, Andre has already set his sights on conquering a new goal: PLO. “I will move into PLO cash games in 2015, so that will be a pretty big challenge for me.” From playing every MicroMillions event in 2012 to turning $100 into $69k for charity, Andre is no stranger to tough challenges, although none like this. Andre explained his decision to focus on PLO, saying “It’s all about the challenge of learning something with more long-term potential and working together with some friends.” Keep track of his progress on Twitter at @andrebcoimbra.

Mr and Mrs Coimbra

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Acoimbra & Katerina289 hard at work –  © Pokernews 2014

In July of last year, Andre got engaged to fellow Team Pokerstars Online Pro Katerina ‘katerina289’ Malasidou. The two met playing Magic the Gathering, and Katerina even featured in Andre’s Team Online video in January 2013, where she spoke about playing poker in her blog ‘From 0 to poker.’ Katerina eventually turned to poker full-time just like her fiancé did, but Andre says has no worries about balancing poker and everyday life. “I think that it’s fundamental to always reserve some time in my day for my fiancée, so I have to take that into account when I make my schedule.” I asked him who he thought would win in a heads-up match between the two of them; his reply – “Who knows!”