Global Poker Masters: Playoffs Round 1 Results

IMG_2220After the first round of the Global Poker Masters it was Team Italy who took a slender lead over Team Russia largely thanks to wins by Andrea Dato and Giuliano Bendinelli as well as a handy third place for Rocco Palumbo on the feature table. Team Russia won that feature table, with Vladimir Troyanovskiy beating Team France member Patrick Bruel heads-up. 

Over on other tables Phillip Gruissem won his table, after being 4-handed with Jonathan Duhamel, Vitaly Lunkin (who he beat heads-up) and Elky. On his fourth place finish, Elky said that it went quite well. “There was a really great atmosphere. It was tough but it was a lot of fun playing with those guys.” On his strategy for the table he said “You have to gamble a lot more than normal so you want to push all-in three or four-handed with lots of chips. It’s better to get first once than get fourth a bunch of times.”


There was disappointment meanwhile for Team UK, with Sam Trickett and Oliver Price the only point-scorers in the first round, thanks to a fourth place on the feature table and a third place on Table 2.

Scores after Round 1 of the Playoffs

Italy 20,000
Russia 19,000
Germany 17,000
Canada 9,000
USA 9,000
France 7,000
UK 3,000
Ukraine 1,000