Global Poker Masters Final: Team Italy vs Team Russia

Play was three-handed between Team USA, Team Russia and Team Italy

The final of the inaugural Global Poker Masters will be between Team Italy and Team Russia. The two teams will play 5 heads-up matches between all team members, with the first to win three of them being announced the winner later tonight.
The semi-finals started and the teams were soon whittled down to four as Canada and Ukraine busted earlier. It was unlucky for Team Germany who lost twice with 99 in races to bust in fourth place leaving Team USA, Team Russia and Team Italy to fight it out three-handed.

Team Italy’s Dario Sammartino and Team Russia’s Anatoly Filatov watch on as Team USA’s Dan Smith is eliminated in third place

After players from all teams traded blows, the decisive hand struck in Hand 62 of the semi-final. Dario Sammartinp for Team Italy raised AA from the button and ended up calling Dan Smith’s 5-bet jam with 77. The room was in a state of shock including Sammartino who was poised to take a monster chip lead into the heads-up final.

Team USA’s Dan Smith and Ike Haxton exchange places in the tag-team 6-max semi-final


It turned out that Dan Smith wanted to use a time bank and confer with compatriot and team-mate Ike Haxton who he had recently exchanged places with, thanks to this tag-team six-max format. However, Haxton was out of the room, and on his return he was unable to talk with Smith due to competition rules about being inside the studio since the start of the hand. It meant that Team USA and Dan Smith were eliminated in third place.

Teams carry their chip-stacks through fromt he semi-finals to the heads-up finals and they are as follows:

– Team Italy: 404,900

– Team Russia: 148,100

The Heads-up Finals between Team Russia and Team Italy begin at 20:00 CET live on