Blaine’s World, Blaine’s World, Party Time, Excellent

IMG_3088Walking through the tables on Day 1B of the UK Student Poker Championships Main Event, there is a slightly different atmosphere to other tournaments I’ve covered. There are visible teams all with their t-shirts, and a much more relaxed atmosphere when it comes to hollering between tables. 

Most of the hollering seemed to be coming from Table 9, Seat 9. Blaine Toms, President of the Plymouth University Poker Society, was drawing a crowd to his table as we sat down for an orbit with the White Russian swigging, waistcoat-wearing 26 year-old Graphic Communication with Typography graduate from Dorset.

Hand 1

With the blinds at 100/200, Blaine makes it 800 over a limper, who subsequently calls. “I will tell you that one of these cards is the six of diamonds,” Blaine announces to the table. The flop? Qh7d6d. Blaine’s continuation bet of 1200 gets through

Hand 2

Blaine opens for 500 and gets callers inthe cut-off and big blind. The flop is JhKs2h. The player int he big blind bets 800; Blaine calls and the cut-off folds. The turn card of the 7d was checked by both players and on the Jc, Blaine folded to a bet of 1225, showing the Ace of clubs.

Hand 3

The UTG player opens to 500, and the player two seats to his left 3-bets to 1225. Blaine, one seat to his left makes it 2950. “It’s alright, I’m in position” he cries. It folds back round to the original raiser who inquires about both the stacks of the other players before letting it go. The 3bettor moves all-in and Blaine folds

Hand 4

Blaine folds pre-flop. Bemoans stack size. Complains about running bad.

Hand 5

Blaine folds again. Tries to order another White Russian.

Not in shot: 3 empty pint glasses and 2 empty White Russian glasses


Hand 6

Opening to 500, Blaine gets 3 callers. Without looking at the flop, asks what it is. Someone shouts “Jack Nine Deuce” and Blaine bets 1k without looking at the flop. Everyone folds.

Hand 7

This hand there were three limps into Blaine’s big blind who checks his option. All players checked a fop of Ks2s7c. Blaine delay c-bet the 2 of diamonds on the turn for 500 and got 2 callers. The river of Tc was also checked down. “Ace high” one player called out, but Blaine showed Kh6c to take down the pot

Hand 8

A player in early position opened for 425 and Blaine shoved for 6580. The initial raiser folds. Blaine shows Ac5c whilst sipping on his White Russian like a milkshake

Hand 9

Blaine folded preflop.


77 for 40bb tank called by AKs