WSOPE Main Event Day 1a

wsopsignage2013Welcome to Backdoor Quad’s coverage of Day 1a of the World Series of Poker Europe €10,450 Main Event. Keep coming back to read the latest updates on the Main Event, with notable hands, eliminations and additions to the field!

00.26 Chip counts at the end of Day 1a

Here are a selection of chip counts from the 60 remaining players at the end of Day 1a. They will come back at 12pm on Tuesday to continue their quest for the WSOPE Main Event bracelet

Alan Kessler 13,500

Zvi Stern: 96,400

Fedor Holz: 73,300

Eric Seidel: 20,625

Vladimir Toryanovskiy: 77,450

Pierre Nahim: 54,100

Ben Pollak: 44,500

Jose Carlos Garcia: 41,875

Gäelle Baumann: 24,175

John Juanda: 59,850

Niall Farrell: 157,000

Dermot Blain: 24,300

Henrik Hecklen: 85,550

Ardit Kurshumi: 101,700

00.15 Bag and tag time!

Players are bagging and tagging their chip stacks, and we will try and get you the chip leaders as and when they are made available.

00.10 Three More Hands

Four-ways to aflop including Vladimir Troyanvoskiy, and they saw a board of Js4s7c. Troyanovskiy -called the player in middle position’s bet of 2,350 on Js4s7c, then his opponent check-called 5,100 on the 8d turn card. On the river, which was the Ks, both players checked. Troyanovskiy’s opponent showed first, tabling JcKc for a rivered two-pair. A disgusted Troyanovskiy open-mucked his pocket queens as he lost just under 9,000 chips in one hand. He is still sitting pretty on around 60,000

00.03 Five More Hands

Tournament staff have just asked Gäelle Baumann to draw for the number of hands that are left to be dealt tonight. And it’s a five! Five more hands until these players get to take the day off tomorrow and come back for Day 2 on Tuesday.


Alan Kessler doubled up his short stack to gain some much needed chips with just over a quarter of an hour to go in day 1a. He moved all-in for 6,500 over an 1,150 open. November Niner Zvi Stern flirted with calling, but the presence of the openeing raise did enough to dissuade him. The opener called, saying: “I don’t play tournaments, I don’t know if this is good.” He turned over 9s9c, but was crushed by Kessler’s JhJd. The board ran out 4sQhAd5d4h, and Kessler has 30bb to play with for the last 15 minutes. 

Alan Kessler: 15,300


I said earlier there are hands where you say “Wow, what a call.” This recent hand involving Ben Sulsky had me going “Huh?!” 5 players were in a limp pot, with Ben Sulsky in late position. The small blind bet 1,600 on a flop of 9hKc7s and got two callers, including Sulsky. The turn was the As and again Sulsky’s opponent bet 4,300. Sulsky just called. The river paired the board withthe 7h and this time the small blind checked to Sulsky who bet out 12,000. After only a short pause, his opponent called. Sulsky tabled TdJd for a busted double belly-buster. His opponent however tabled JsQh and took down the pot with Queen-high. 

23.26 Level 6 250/500/50

Chipstack updates

Gäelle Baumann: 8,000

Jonathan Duhamel: 16,500

Alan Kessler: 8,500

Andrei Konoplek: 30,000

Meanwhile, snuggled up together on an outer table are Fedor Holz and Vladimir Troyanovskiy. The Russian has been grinding Hearthstone literally since the day began, and after Holz’s recent double up gave both him and Troyanovskiy some room to manouevre, with both having similar stack sizes, he slid across an empty chair to rail the action on Troyanovskiy’s tablet.

Vladimir Troyanovskiy: 77,000

Fedor Holz: 72,000


When you watch livestreams of poker tournaments you get to see tiny snippets of poker, cutting to outside tables or sticking with a single cast of players at one table. As a live reporter you get to see all tables of 66 players at once, and wander in between them as you wish. This way you get to discover little things you never thought you watned to know. 

For example:

There are currently 12 heads covered, with eight wearing hats five four covered by hoods. Although one player is wearing both at the same time. 

15 players meanwhile are listening to something in headphones. Three of these have over-the-ear headphones, whilst of the remainder, four have one in one ouy, and eight have both earphones in. Cutting edge reporting. Meanwhile the tournament clock ticks down to 50 minutes, and 66 players remaining.


There are some hands which as a live reporter you sit there and go “Yes, nice call!” With a player facing a bet of 8,000 into a pot of just over 13,000 on a board of JcQs3d5s2h, I was sat there thinking a Queen is good. The player called and it turned out a pair of sevens was good, as his opponent showed Ks6s for a busted straight and backdoor flush draw.

23.03 Level 6 250/500/50

A very quiet start to the last level of the day, perhaps as players start to look towards bagging and tagging for Day 2 on Tuesday. Only four players have been eliminated this level, with a little over an hour remaining int he day

22.21 20 minute break before Level 6 250/500/50

The players have reached the final break of the night. There are 74 players remaining from 104 starting, and the verage stack is 42,162. Level 6 will be the last 90 minute level of the night. A whole host of big names are still in including Fedor Holz, Niall Farrell, Eric Seidel, Jonathan Duhamel and Gäelle Baumann.

21.58 Level 5 200/400/50

“I should have just called” bemoaned Pierre Naim as he took down a pot pre-flop and showed pocket aces. “It’s my best hand all day'” he added as he raked in the chips and added them to his stack which is approaching 50k. He said he was hoping to end the day around 60k and he is well on his way to that target. There is just over twenty minutes left in Level 5, the penultimate level of the day.

21.50 Level 5 200/400/50

Facing a rather hefty looking river bet of 12,500 into a pot of only 15,500 it pays to take your time. The board was 4c4sTs6sJd and the player eventually called, tosing in a single chip. His opponent tabled AdTd and as the other player tabled KsQs for a winning flush,  he said “I didn’t mean to slow-roll.” It just goes to show that taking your time and thinking through all of the options pays dividends

21.15 Level 5 200/400/50

Ex-Reading midfielder Jimmy Kébé has had a quiet day so far, chipping up to just over 30,000. He was just involved in a hand where he opened to 1,200 UTG and got two callers. He bet 2,600 on the flop of Ks8d7s and got one caller,  and again bet 6,500 on the Ac turn card. However, his aggression stopped there as he check-folded to his opponent’s bet of 12,600. He slips back after losing almost a third of his stack on that hand.

Jimmy Kébé: 21,000

21.04 Level 5 200/400/50

“I love a bit of celebration” says Dermot Blain to no one in particular, as his table-mate doubles up and fist pumps and lets out a yelp of delight. He moved in on 8hKd7h for just over 7,000 chips into a pot of 3,000. After getting called he tabled Ah4h and needed an Ace or a heart to double up over his opponent’s 9c9d. The 6d on the turn meant a 5 was also an out, as it would give him a straight, but it was the Qh which doubled him up to just under 20k early in Level 5

Meanwhile at another table Marvin Rettenmaier was seen heading to the exit after being eliminated.

20.53 Start of Level 5 200/400/50

Cards are back in the air after a 90 minute dinner break. The number of entrants has been clarified to 102, with 80 players remaining. The prize pool is currently €999,600 with the average chip stack 38,250

19.36 End of Level 4 – Dinner Break

IMG_3592Players are now going on a 90 minute dinner break and here are some chip stacks from around the room

Marvin Rettenmaier: 5,000

Eric Seidel: 18,000

Jonathan Duhamel: 42,000

Niall Farrell: 81,000

Pierre Naim: 42,000

19.21 Level 4 150/300/25

When we got to Fedor Holz’s table he was betting 6k into a pot of around 8.5k, on a board of 7sQcJh3hKh. His opponent, Russian Vladimir Troyanovskiy was debating calling but was torn with his decision. He ended up folding but not without mistakenly flashing his cards to the player next to him. The dealer asked if he had seen them and the response came “Yes. They were Aces.” The dealer turned over Troyanovskiy’s cards to show that he had indeed folded Aces.

Vladimir Troyanovskiy: 43,000

Fedor Holz: 59,000

18.59 Level 4: 150/300/25

IMG_3554Some updated chip stacks as we approach the dinner break which will be in roughly half an hour. There are currently 88 players left from a starting field of 105, although late registration is open until the start of Day 2.

Jimmy Kébé: 34,000

Gaëlle Baumann: 25,000

Niall Farrell: 73,000

Bruno Fittousi: 56,000

Eric Seidel: 12,000

Fedor Holz: 58,000

John Juanda 40,000

18.41 Level 4: 150/300/25

Some eliminations to tell you about! Jan Heitmann, Martin Jacobson and Steve O’Dwyer are the latest big names to have been eliminated. Jacobson got it in with AK against the Queens of Fedor Holz, who is having a bit of a resurgence after losing most of his chips early on

Fedor Holz: 80,000

17.16 Level 3: 150/300

Hearthstone seems to be taking the WSOPE Main Event by storm. We’ve counted a number of players battling it out on their various touch screen devices including Vladimir Troyanovskiy

IMG_3531 IMG_3533

16.52 Level 3: 150/300

IMG_3574We’ve just ticked past the half way mark in Level 3, with the number of entrants totalling 109, with 104 left. There’s been all sorts of mix-ups with not every player having a media card to identify them, and the breaking order having only just been finalised. Anyway, onwards and upwards.

Anyway, everyone’s (or at least my) favourite player Fedor Holz has entered the field, and is lookign to cause havoc on Martin Jacobson and Vladimir Troyanovskiy’s table.

16.31 Level 3: 150/300

It’s been an interesting few hands for Jean-Noel Thorel. He doubled up with 9s9c on Kh5c7h3h7c, and then got into an interesting hand with Jan Heitmann who has slipped back in chips. Pre-flop, after mistakenly thinking he was UTG, Thorel tried to place a 1k chip out, but was corrected by the dealer. In fact it was Heitmann who was UTG, and he raised it up to 800, with Thorel the only caller.

The flop was 9hQs2d and Thorel check-called another 800. Both players checked the 4d on the turn and then Thorel bet out 1,500 on the river and got called by Heitmann. The Frenchan showed AcTh, but his ace-high was beaten bythe pocket jacks of Heitmann.

Jean-Noel Thorel: 25,000

Jan Heitmann: 15,000

16.00 Level 3: 150/300

Just before the third level of the day gets under way, there was the bracelet ceremony for Barny Boatman who took down the €550 PLO event yesterday. After some gentle teasing by WSOP Tournament Director Jack Effel, the room rose to pay their respects to the national anthem of Boatman’s home conutry of the United Kingdom. Well done Barny!

15.48 (End Level 2)

Some chipstacks as players reach the end of Level 2

John Juanda: 19,000

Bruno Fittousi: 41,000

Marvin Rettenmaier: 20,000

Eric Seidel: 30,000

Steve O’Dwyer: 27,000

Niall Farrell: 37,500

Vladimir Troyanovskiy: 65,000

Martin Jacobson: 23,000

Jonathan Duhamel: 30,000

Gaelle Baumann: 28,000

14.36 – Level 2: 100/200

Jonathan Duhamel and George Danzer have both entered the building, with the latter yet to take his seat, although he did exchange pleasantries with his compatriots Jan Heitmann and Marvin Rettenmaier.

Two more early exits from the field to tell you about!

Three players including John Juanda saw a flop of 9hKhJh, with Juanda check-raising his opponents, and getting two calls. The turn saw the Kd dealt, and Juanda bet out into his opponents, getting a call from Daniel Rose in early position and then a raise from Andrei Konoplek. Juanda took this as a sign to get out of the way and left the two remaining players to raise and re-raise until all the chips found their way into the middle. The result? QhTh for a flopped straight flush for Konoplek beating the Kc9d of Daniel Rose for a turned full house. Ouch! Afterwards, Juanda said that he’d folded an Ace-high flush.

Meanwhile, current (although not for long) WSOP Main Event Champion Martin Jacobson could only look on as a real tankfest took place. With the board reading 8s3d4sKd, the player in the hijack moved all-in over the aggressive player in early position who decided he wanted to make the most of his time while he was in the Main Event and ponder his decision. He eventually called with Ks9s for top pair with a flush draw, but the 8d8h of his opponent was ahead and held as the 7h was dealt on the river

14.00 – Level 1: 50/100

The event is already one level old and there are a whole host of notable names currently still in the 94 player field. EPT regulars Steve O’Dwyer, Vladimir Troyanovskiy and John Juanada are in the field, as are Jan Heitmann and Marvin Rettenmaier bound to be joined by a whole host of their countrymen.

There is however one elimination! 2013 WSOPE winner and EPT Grand Final winner Adrian Mateos was the first elimination, after being crippled with KK against the flopped set of Sven Reichert.