Newsroom | GPL Finals & Playoffs in Las Vegas; NOT TwitchCon & Wembley Arena

Backdoor Quads can exclusively reveal that the inaugural Global Poker League Playoffs will not be at TwitchCon 2016 and the Finals will not be held at the iconic SSE Arena Wembley. According to the GPL schedule it appears that that Finals AND the Playoffs have secretly been moved to the ‘GPL Arena’ in Las Vegas, which hosted the GPL Summer Series. The event is no longer listed as part of TwitchCon’s schedule, or on the SSE Arena’s own website:

The GPL website offers a link to the SSE Arena’s website…
…but when you click on it, the page cannot be found

Customer Services at the SSE Arena explained that they “Didn’t know what’s happened to the event.”

The only thing they were able to say was that the event “Definitely won’t be happening in November,” and that “Tickets would have been on sale by now if it were happening in November.” They went on to say that the SSE Arena were “quite happy” for the event to take place, adding that it sounded like an “exciting event.”

The only information regarding the new venue for the GPL Playoffs and Finals is at the bottom of the Schedule page on the official website:

GPL Playoffs and Finals Schedule

The Global Poker League has produced over 250 hours of content over the last three months and has been watched by over half a million unique viewers. However, Dreyfus admitted in a Facebook post that it had failed on a number of key elements including an online merchandise shop, and a mobile app complete with “fan monetization platform.”

In another Facebook post, Dreyfus showed us a glimpse into the future of the GPL with a wheel full of ideas such as: Play’em, Watch’em and Draft’em as well as Shop’em, Experience’em, Stake’em and Bet’em.

Mediarex, the company behind the GPL published a number of statistics from a survey it carried out which hinted at future expansion plans for the GPL or Mediarex, most of which were met with a less than enthusiastic response:

  • 58.8% said they wouldn’t want to buy GPL gear
  • 45.4% said they wouldn’t want to be part of a GPL team
  • 62.5% said they wouldn’t want to be real money on GPL matches
  • 43.2% said they wouldn’t play a Fantasy Poker real money game to draft players and win money
  • 50.1% said they wouldn’t stake a live poker player through TheHendonMob
  • 61.1% said they wouldn’t consider subscribing to a poker training website in the next 12 months

In addition to this, although two thirds of respondents said that they had heard of the Global Poker League, the majority of those went on to say that they had never watched it.

Editor’s Note: Backdoor Quads has contacted the Global Poker League for comment